Promoting guest speakers

What strikes me again and again is the fact that more and more ministries promote their guest speakers in a way which is not good. “Come and see … (name of guest speaker) ” or “Join us this Sunday because … (name of guest speaker) will be here, and the preaching will be powerful.” I mention this because some leaders have also promoted ME this way. I don’t judge them for that because I think they may not be aware of this. But dear people of God (leaders, ‘ordinary’ disciples etc.): servants (aren’t we all?) are no more than a ‘hammer’ with which the Lord can ‘hit’ His ‘nail’ (through a message) on the ‘head’! Don’t forget! By the way, I can tell you that e.g. prophets were most of the times NOT received with open arms but they were nevertheless powerful ‘hammers’ in God’s hand! Let everybody come to our services because the LORD wants to share something, not only through the five fold ministry but through EVERYBODY! “Come and see JESUS!”

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