Dear sir/madam,

Feel free to send me an email, if you would like to know more about me and ‘my’ (God’s) ministry. I would like to stress though, that I don’t promote nor support other ministries.
Regarding the possibility to host me for an online leadership conference:

  1. Please send me 2 recent references of people who worked closely with you.
  2. I prefer to have at least a group of 50 (potential) leaders.
  3. If you decide to invite them at your own place they will need a proper meal, provided by you, at your expenses (I can also not provide financially regarding transport fares, a generator, the use of other equipment etc.).
  4. I could do a one-day or two-day conference.
  5. I’ve ministered for 10 years already on the basis of low budget, and God opened various doors for me to minister worldwide. So, if you’re really interested to have a one or two-day power packed conference, feel free to contact. But keep in mind the first 4 conditions.
  6. What you can expect from me: edited video footage of all seminars (for free, and to be freely used to promote in your own country). 

Best regards,

Robbert Bleacher