A lot of people are longing to get to know God, but their view of Him has narrowed because of all kinds of circumstances or experiences. By asking yourself questions you can broaden your horizon. Questions like: How do I relate to other people? How do I get along with others? But also: Is there a God with whom you can have a relationship, the way you can have with people? It’s my desire to take people nearer to God. Personally, I’ve experienced that your life really gets meaning and purpose when you get to know God as He wants to be known: as a heavenly Father.

My personal relationship with God has totally changed my vision. It has resulted in an overall change in a practical sense: I can’t but help myself viewing others the way God looks at all of us: He is a God of love. He expressed this by the ultimate gift: His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

The theme from my life till now has been: encouraging and equipping people. My message: You’re valuable to God. God has a purpose regarding all of us. I really want to help people finding that goal.

Robbert Bleacher

International Bible Teacher, Coach for Leaders, and Global Social Media Presenter.